Groups are shared. You can share them with someone else. Do you have a partner? You probably want to create a Family group. Do you work on a side project? You want to create a group and share it with your teammate.

  • Family
  • New Zealand Vacation
  • House Reconstruction

Can you see already the difference between Group and Account? The account is something where your money is stored. The group is something you spend your money on.

The Family Example

You can have accounts called Wallet and Bank of America. Then you have a group called Family.

Once you are going to buy groceries, you can pay either by card (money from Bank of America account) or by cash (money from the Wallet account). Either way, you want to see that transaction in your Family group. Because you just bought groceries for your family, right?

The same way for your partner. The money will go from her/his account but the transaction will be visible also in the Family group.

Groups for your projects

There is a group called in my account. is my side project and I want to know how much money I spend on it. If I spend some money on Savee I will save the transaction to this group (doesn't matter what account I used for this transaction). So I can see how much money I spent on Savee in total.